Keynote Speakers:

  1. Jame B. Hoesterey, Diplomasi Digital: E-Silaturahmi sebagai Strategi Counter Radicalism
  2. Budi Pramono, Back to the Culture: Defeating Radicalism with Military Operation Other Than War
  3. Florian Pohl, Counter-Intolerance in State Islamic Higher Education: Conceptualizing religious diversity in the Study of Religion (Studi Agama-Agama)
  4. Paul J. Carnegie, Countering Militant Extremism in Indonesia: Between Punitive Action and Preventive Persuasion
  5. Zainal Abidin Bagir, Religious Governance And Countering Radicalization: An Analysis of Indonesian Legal Framework

Participant Papers

  1. Ferry Muhammadsyah Siregar Religious Leader, Tafsir, And Salafism In Indonesia: The Role of Religious Leader in the Study of Tafsir in Pesantren Salafi in Java
  2. Samsi Pomalingo & Arpan  Nusi, Violence in the Name of God: Landscape of Radical Islamic Thought and Action in Indonesia
  3. Labib Muttaqin, Counter Terrorism By the Indonesian National Armed Forces in the Perspective Of the Protection of Human Rights
  4. Ibnu Mujib, Nurcholis Sunuyeko, and Ali Badar, Integreted Curriculum of Anti-Radicalism in Building Diversity Participation in Schools
  5. Mulyana, Rudy Harisyah Alam, Sapto Priyanto, Education for the Children of the Former Terrorists in Indonesia: Case Studies of Two Former Terrorist Prisoners’ Families
  6. Riza Saputra  The Core of Salafism: An Apriori Statement and Salafi’s Respons to the Act of Terror.
  7. Iswahyudi, Demitologization of Local Culture as a Queue to Religious Radicalism: Nurcholish Madjid’s Thoughts on Local Culture in Indonesia
  8. Zaky Ismail, Aufa R. Fudhali, Bayu Hagai, Fajri Aulia, Muh. Ardhiansyah P Nida F. Nafisah,War, Isis And Women: Memahami Peran Kombatan Perempuan Dalam Kampanye Isis
  9. Ubaidillah and Arief Hartanto,Religious Disinformation in Indonesia: A Discourse Approach
  10. Abdul Muiz Amir, From Framing To Flaming: The Perception of Christian Prince’s Comentary Toward The Qur’an In Youtube
  11. Dyah Indraswati, Anwar Hafidzi, Najla Amaly, Nursaptini, Education System between Religion and the State in Several Islamic Boarding Schools in South Kalimantan 
  12. Wasis Suprapto, Bunyamin Maftuh, Helius Sjamsuddin, Elly Malihah, Conflict Resolution Education Based On Singkawang Mayor Policy
  13. Mahyuni and Nur Ahmadi, Linguistic and Cultural Demystifying of Sasak Merariq
  14. Evi Muafiah, Building Early Children’s Responsibility to Anticipate Radicalism in Pelangi Alam Kindergarten
  15. Toni Ariwijaya,  Lale Fatma Yulia Ningsih, This is (not) a Man’s World: Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalisation through the Lens of Women in a Sub- Urban Community
  16. Muhammad Abzar Duraesa & Muzayyin Ahyar, Millennial Islamic Proselytizing Movement And Post-Islamism Discourse In Indonesia
  17. Rudy Harisyah Alam, Sapto Priyanto, Mulyana, Early Warning and Early Response for Preventing Violent Extremism in Indonesia: Building Local-level Collaborative Networks
  18. A.Zaenurrosyid, Arief Cholil, Hidayatus Sholihah, Social Transformative Movement of Ulama and  Pesantren at Jawa Pesisiran (Study of the Struggle of Kiai & Pesantren to Prosperous Tradition, Economy, and Moderation of Islam)
  19. Saparudin, Ideological Trap In Education: Rivalry Discourse on Islamic Literatures in the NW and Salafi Schools in Lombok
  20. Fathimatuz Zahra, Dissemination Roles of The Turats Ulama Nusantara Groups on the Counter Radicalism in Indonesia
  21. Abdul Wahid dan Atun Wardatun, Bimanese Women Promote Peace Through Local Wisdom: La Rimpu Experience,
  22. Fanny Henry Tondo, Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Indonesia: A Language Policy Perspective
  23. Rosiady Husaenie Sayuti, Radicalism and Poverty in Indonesia
  24. Mundi Rahayu & Mediyansyah, Terrorism in Popular Media: How Hollywood Represent Muslim Terrorist
  25. Nina Widyawati, Ana Windarsih & Purnama Alamsyah, Discourse on ‘Islam’ and ‘Kafir’ in 2019 Indonesia Presidential Election : The Challenge of Democracy in the Digital Era
  26. Saipul Hamdi, Co-Islah, Khidmat, and Socio-Economic Challenges of Tablighi Dawah in Indonesia
  27. Latifah, Ary Budiyanto, “We Do Not Worship Buddha Images”: Buddhist Response to Religious Bullying in Online Media